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C A R O L  T A Y L O R  B L A C K  A N D  W H I T E . C O M  

d r a w i n g s ,   p a i n t i n g s  &  m o r e

In a sunny, subtropical climate where so many artists create drawings and watercolor paintings in pastel colors of clear blue-skied beach scenes, aquatic life (dolphin

s, sea turtles), boats of all kinds, pelicans and pink flamingos, and bright sunlight washing across porches, palm trees, and the Atlantic Ocean, my artwork is very unique.

Having arrived on this hot, sunny coastal  barrier island from the Great Lake State, Michigan, which boasts more than 11,000 inland lakes and brilliant, sparkling icy, snowy winters with lovely grey skies, the intensity of the light increased while my black and white drawings remained constant.  Reflected in th

e high chiaroscuro contrasts, my senses are heightened by the play of light and shadow across the lush landscape here in Eastern Coastal Central Florida as they always were in Michigan.  I see with clarity while I feel deeply the contrast of light and shadow, whether I am working realistically or abstractly, and I love the effect that working with charcoal brings to my subjects.

You will find that my expressions of people, Biblical subjects, flowers, aquatic life and objects rendered in charcoal pencil are a captivating blend of vision and technique so completely unique that you will yearn to bring them into your home and office to enjoy forever, and to give as gifts as well.  The images are timeless; you'll always find something new within them that catches your eye.

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                                                             Carol Taylor


Carol Taylor Black and White... Not Everything is Black and White

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