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C A R O L  T A Y L O R  B L A C K  A N D  W H I T E . C O M  

d r a w i n g s ,   p a i n t i n g s  &  m o r e


Left to Right

Reading Glasses (Tortoise Shell)
Charcoal Pencil
Collection of the Artist

Mesdames Pompes I
Charcoal Pencil
10 3/8 x 8 3/8" White Bristol Paper
Suspension Mounting and Framed

New Unisa Shoes
Collection of the Artist

Shoes from Childhood

Mary Janes

As a little girl, black patent leather Mary Janes were my favorite shoes.     

In my family, we had 3 pairs of shoes at any given time: The church shoes, the school shoes, and the play shoes. When my church shoes looked a bit worn, I would receive a new pair for church and my current pair could then be worn to school. I loved that!

I remember the first time in elementary school that my favorites, the Mary Janes, were worn to school. That day at my locker, I broke the rules. The girls were supposed to wear skirts or dresses—not pants. I took off my red plaid pleated skirt and wore my bright red wool snowsuit pants with my freshly starched and ironed white blouse and my Mary Janes into the classroom.

All day, I kept admiring the shiny black patent leather of my Mary Janes contrasted with the bright red of my wool snowsuit pants that now looked like trousers. That was one fashionable day!—and the teacher must have thought so as well, as she didn't mention my "trousers" but she did compliment my Mary Janes! 

I welcome the opportunity to create a commissioned work for your home, office, or for a gift.

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