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Carol Taylor Black and White 

Exploring scriptural references to art and artists is particularly interesting to me as I endeavor to make Art to the Glory of God.  Although my preferred medium is charcoal on Bristol paper, I also enjoy working in Caran d'Ache Aquarelle, watercolour and mixed media (Not everything is black and white). 

I continue to work both representationally and abstractly using the portrait, figure, living creatures and their artifacts, nature, and still life as my impetus. I marvel at God's creation. 

As a Christian believer inspired by the Holy Spirit, my mission is:

• To honor God through my writing and the creation, exhibition, and marketing of my artwork;
• To compassionately serve others by meeting their individual needs for beauty, meaning, and personal growth through my writing and artwork;
• Ultimately, that the attention of those who read my writings and view my artwork will be drawn toward God and that they will see Him and come to know Him through my work.

E-mail me with any questions that you may have, to order a Pencil Portrait, make a purchase, or to comment  

Thank you for visiting... 
           ... stay as long as you'd like, and come back often.  I'm always updating.


                                                      Carol Taylor

Carol Taylor Black and White... 
... Not Everything is Black and White


In Appreciation of Spruce

Anime Artist, Writer & 
Web Designer

Spruce has contributed so much to the marketing of my artwork.  When I first wanted to put my drawings up on the internet, she suggested that I join Deviant Art.  Both her suggestion and her assistance with my first art web site endeavor were excellent.  Then, she... 
  • Created my first stand-alone web site name, i.e., Carol Taylor Black and White, when my own name was already in use; 
  • Created the web site slogan, Not Everything is Black and White;
  • Beautifully and skillfully designed my first stand-alone web site, Carol Taylor Black and White on GeoCities.  
  • Encouraged me to take my wonderful studio.  
  • And 19 years ago, Spruce was the reason that I adopted Precious (and, she named her)!  
Thank you, Spruce, for your creative talents and support as part of the Black and White Family! 

                     In Memory of Precious          

Precious Sarafina Taylor  (b. 1994  d. 2010)

Precious Sarafina Taylor, The Official Carol Taylor Black and White Tuxedo Cat, passed away on Thursday night, January 21, 2010 at 15 11/12 years old. She was a beautiful, faithful companion, a great inspiration, and was well-loved. Preshy is greatly missed and lives on forever in our hearts. We love you, Preshy.